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1. What is this site about? aim is to provide so-called "World-Trade", which is exchanging gold among Tibia servers.

In short - you send me gold at server X, and after a short while you receive it at world Y.




2. Is World-Trade safe?

Yes, it is totally safe and legal. It is in accordance with the Tibia terms of service. 




3. How to exchange the gold?

It is very easy. 


a) Go to

b) Select server, on which you have got gold, type in how much gold you want to exchange.

c) Select server, on which you want to get gold, you will see how much gold you will receive.

Type in your character name at that server.

d) Log in to Tibia and send parcel with gold, remember to copy whole text to your label.

e) Click red button after sending the gold - I will receive a notification about your order being placed.




4. How will I receive my gold?

Gold is sent via parcel,you will find it in your depot.

Tibia World Trade




5. When will I receive my gold?

Delivery time is given at the right, top corner of the main page. 




6. What do you need my Email address for?

Email field is obligatory. Two messages will be sent to your email. First one is a confirmation of your order. Second one will be delivered when I send you gold.




7. Do you accept items?

No, sell them at Tibia in-game market. 




8. I did not click red button, what now?

Place your order again (without sending the gold) and remember to click red button. 




9. Why are some servers marked red or orange?

These are the servers, on which the stock is very low. If you send me gold at the server that is marked red or orange the World-Trade fee will be much lower . 





Delivery time
Delivery up to 16 hours

Gold is sent via parcel
(to your depot)


Laithyse | 04-12-2017
Polecam tą stronę
João Pedro | 09-10-2017
podem confiar, tudo certo!! honesto
Lucz | 18-08-2017
Tudo certo, apesar da demora de 24h, veio tudo.